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Global BusinessBeneFactor will help your business grow with funds from our fast and flexible account receivable purchase programs. BeneFactor is an affiliate of the investment company Boettcher and Co.

What We Offer

Factoring is a financing option for businesses. With factoring, the business (known as the Client) sells accounts receivable to the Factor in exchange for funding. With funds from BeneFactor, you can manage all of the issues which result from your growth and success: payroll for existing and new employees, the purchase of supplies (with the opportunity for cash discounts), cash requirements for new contracts and customers, and general working capital needs. Once you are set up with BeneFactor, we will usually fund you within a few hours of receiving your invoices.

In addition to providing your business with needed funds, BeneFactor gives you a number of other valuable services at no additional charge. BeneFactor acts as your accounts receivable department by tracking your receivables, providing aging reports, issuing statements and making collection calls. BeneFactor also acts as your credit department by providing credit information on and evaluations of potential customers, thereby reducing your credit risk.


You will receive the following benefits from BeneFactor:

  • Immediate funds for your growth
  • Eliminate cash flow worries
  • Enable your company to concentrate on its core business, and in turn achieve greater sales and profits
  • Take advantage of discounts offered by suppliers
  • Reduced internal paperwork through our accounts receivable services
  • Solve short-term or seasonal cash flow problems
  • Continuous and growing source of funds because it is driven by your sales
  • Reduce credit risk
  • Funds to meet payroll/hire new staff
  • Capital to fuel your company's growth without producing debt
  • Benefactor also provides on-line reporting through its state of the art EBenefactor service

Call Steve Stookesberry at 303-333-2028 or email benefactor@benefactor.com for more information.

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